About Us

About 819 Capital

819 views investing as a partnership between management teams and their investors.  We look to support intelligent, trustworthy and energetic managers of high growth companies and real estate assets.

High Growth Companies

819 targets technology and consumer products companies in various stages of maturity from companies that require seed capital to late-stage, mature businesses. While seeking risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we are firm believers that experienced, talented management teams can mitigate the risks of growing profitable businesses.

Real Estate


819 focuses on multifamily development projects in markets that are experiencing low vacancy rates and high growth. 819 partners with developers located in Portland, the Bay Area, New York City and Boston among other regions. 819 supports its development partners from the design and entitlement phases through the financing and construction phases of the projects.

Stabilized Assets

819 partners with established commercial real estate investment groups to acquire fully or partially stabilized assets. 819 targets assets that are leased under long term contracts to provide investors with a steady cash flow. 819 also acquires leased assets that require value added management through additional leasing with new or existing tenants.

Where does the name 819 come from and what does it mean?

It takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for light to travel the 149.6 million kilometers from sun to earth. The name ’819′ reminds us to approach investing with the considerations of scale and global market conditions and trends.